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Re: Surgery-what do I do?

Re: Surgery-what do I do?

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Posted by Julie on January 30, 2000 at 23:25:11:

In Reply to: Re: Surgery-what do I do? posted by Misha on January 17, 2000 at 18:47:08:

Misha-- I was so happy to read your post (I just joined the site looking for something on this topic).
I am scheduled to have what I think is the same surgery you describe two weeks from tomorrow
and the more I read about TMJ in general, the more scared I'm becoming! Not just the scars,
but the fact that everything I read says that surgery is extremely rare and risky. But I have tried
"self-care" (stress reduction suggestions, warm compresses, quit chewing gum etc.) and tried
four different splints before being sent to an oral surgeon who prescribed surgery after having an
MRI done. So it seems like he's not rushing into it...but I'm still terrified! So I appreciate your
reassuring message...but I'd love more information--anything you (or anyone else) can tell me.
Thank you!!!! Julie
: Dear Lisa !!!

: I just read your post and actually was quite shocked that alot of people in this world deal with TMJ I for one also am a sufferer do to a MVA in 94 I was diagnosed with TMJ 3 months after the car accident and noone had done anything about it !! As years went by I suffered and still am suffering to this day with this problem . I one day went to the dentist with a toothache and once I seen my dentist he told me there was absolutely nothing wrong with my tooth .But he noticed I could'nt open my mouth or keep my mouth open for a period of time .He asked if I had this problem and I explained my situation to him and he was appaled that noone in the medical heard my cry out for help and the pain that I went through . Then he found me a Guardian Angel that I kiss the ground this man walks on ...a surgeon that took me under his wing and is till working with me .. I had 2 surgeries done on my jaw . I also was horrified but as long as you feel good about who's hands your in and trust your doctor don't fear a thing . I had it done along the side of my ear ..I have pictures of before and after shots I have absolutely no visual scars . They way I was cut with my long hair you can;t even see it !!I was cut from my temle all the way down the side of my ear to the bottom . Youd never know I even had it done !! SO if you have it done GOOD LUCK !!!!! Hope this helps a little and takes your fear away !!! Email me if want more info !!

: Misha :o)

: I am 33 years old and have had problems with my jaw for 19 years but was diagnosed with TMJ about 7 years ago.
: : I cannot fully open my mouth intially but have learned to move my jaw around which I guess moves the
: : disc back in place and allows me to open my mouth fully. I have been fitted for night guards/splints
: : several times but it doesn't seem to help-actually, it hurts me more-my jaw feels tighter.
: : I guess I have learned to live with this-I have headaches more when I am under stress, so I know when it's
: : TMJ related, and it always feel inflammed.

: : Within the last year, when I went to the dentist-which is always a struggle since
: : I have to keep my mouth open for long periods of time, he told me it would only get worse if I let it go so I went to an oral & maxillofacial surgeon. He recommended
: : surgery and a procedure that would cut near my ear. I went for a second opinion and this doctor also told me surgery but he would perform the surgery a different way-he would
: : go through my mouth instead of cutting-then wire my mouth closed for about three weeks.

: : I'm starting to get scared. Has anyone had good outcomes with surgery? Can it only get worse?

: : Thanks for any responses!

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