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Re: Will my tmj ever get better?

Re: Will my tmj ever get better?

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Posted by barb on February 01, 2000 at 02:38:17:

In Reply to: Re: Will my tmj ever get better? posted by unclefleet on January 30, 2000 at 22:49:45:

: : : I had a head on accident, from a drunk driver hitting me when I was 19. After that, I had many strange symptoms of discomfort (headaches, muscle spasms, left sided tmj discomfort, aching in my teeth, etc.) I've had 2 occusal adjustments to readjust my bite, in approximately 8 years (wrong thing for a tmj specialist to do; I find out know). Now I am 38 years old and for the last year have had severe discomfort in my left tmj area. MRI scan shows complete slipped disk in the right tmj. Been treated with splints to readust my bite, related to my bite shifted. Now I'm on muscle relaxants, pain pills, and celebrex(antiimflammatory med.). Looks like I'll need to wear a splint all the time (24hrs a day); cause discomfort doesn't go away; usually even with splint!!!!!!!!!! What do I do next?????????????????

: Since you have confirmed with an MRI that the disc is displaced you have a structural TMJ problem that should be significantly reduced with proper splint therapy. The only way to tell if a splint has been properly constructed is to take a joint film with the splint in place. If the splint is properly constructed it should demonstrate that the condyle has been moved down an forward to allow the disc to reduce. It is very difficult to take accurate jaw registrations for splints in patients who are in pain. There exists an articulator that allows the doctor to mount your models on this instrument the way they natrually go together. Then the instrument is adjusted to allow the condyle to move down a forward. The the condyle location is confirmed on x-ray when the splint is in place. There is hope. But quality splints are difficult to construct. Keep searhing for the right practioner.
: unclefleet: Thanks for your response!!!!!!!!! It is greatly appreciated!! It makes sense, what you have stated. I recently asked my surgeon about a repeat xray and he stated that he doesnt think that my joints have changed to much. We just fitted me for a new lower splint. I haven't received it yet. He said if this doesnt help, then he will think about steriod injections. He agrees that my bite is off yet. He stated that when i receive my lower splint, that I'll have to come in and have it adjusted occasionally. I will mainly use this splint when I working, cause he stated that I'll be able to talk more normal. This is the problem with the upper splint. I'm a nurse, and It's hard to talk with the upper splint. Everything sounds very garbled. I even had a doctor hang up on me one time!!!!! How embarrassing this was!!!!!!!! And I was tired of the comments. I know people mean well, but I can't blame them for getting tired of listening to me!!!!!!!!! I hope this bottom splint brings me some sanity, cause I'm already getting tired of this, and I'm only 38. I have my whole life ahead of me. I'm not even married yet, and now I feel who would want me!!!!! Guess I get depressed at times. Im used to trying to make everyone else feel better; and now I find myself unable to help myself at times. I've read alot of sad storys and I guess I'm just really scared!!!!!!!!!!!Any responses, are really appreciated!!!!!!!!! I feel that I'm a good nurse, and don't want to end up on disablility. I'm an ICU Nurse; I'm good at what I do, and feel that it would be a loss, if I could'nt do my job anymore!!!!!!!! People need us!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone out there have a completely slipped out disk in one joint, and a partially slipped disk in the other joint. What symptoms do you have? What do you do for your discomfort? What treatments have you gone through? What kind of doctor has helped You (tmj specialist, surgeon, chiropractor, etc.) Anything that you can offer is greatly appreciated!!!!!! Please write soon!!!!!!!!!!Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

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