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Posted by gave up on February 18, 2000 at 19:15:59:

In Reply to: Re: Night Guard posted by Jim on January 18, 2000 at 10:39:14:

: : : : I have been wearing my nightgaurd/splint for 1-1/2 weeks or so. My main problems were inability to open mouth more than 1/4 inch and ear pain. When I do force my mouth open, it opens sideways. Only the left side is "working." I have found that after wearing the splint, my jaw loosens up considerably, but the right side still isn't budging. Also, when I remove the splint for a couple of hours, it goes right back to being difficult/impossible to open. Has anyone experienced this? I do feel like my bite is changing, too. Seems like I am going to have to wear this splint forever. Any advice/experiences appreciated.
: : : : Thanks ... Michele

: : : Hi Michele,
: : : I have had the splint, didn't work made it worse. I went to a dentist, I now have this crazy appliance hooked to the top of my mouth, and braces. I hope this works for me, it is very costly and in the outcome the doc said it wouldn't cure the problem just alleviate some of my symptoms. I hope your splint works for you. Annie

: : Thanks Annie - what were your original symptoms?

: Hi Michele,
: My name is Jim and I have been suffering from TMJ for 9 years now.I have seen 2 doctors for night guards.The first gave me an acrylic device which locked my jaw and mouth in place which didn't seem to do much good except to prevent clenching while sleeping.The second gave me both a top and bottom bite plane that has a smooth surface so I can move the jaw around but prevents the teeth from hitting each other.It is OK but I have to go back for periodic adjustments.It looks like I'll be wearing night guards for the rest of my life to prevent clenching at night.The headaches used to be unbearable but learning how to manage the jaw shifting and pain during the course of a day prevents the onset of those terrible headaches that only a TMJ sufferer can relate to.I have clicking and popping on both my jaw joints and I can definately empathize with anyone who has this affliction.For me, Stress has so much to do with it.It is sometimes tough to get a good nights sleep.I have tried those contoured pillows and being aware of how long I sleep.The longer I sleep,the more pain I have upon arising.It seems each case of TMJ is unique in both the severity and how each person deals with it to alleviate the pain.It took almost 2 years to have this pain diagnosed as TMJ.First they thought I had Sinusitis,then a brain tumor,until the correct diagnosis was made.Right now , the pain is manageable but I'll be wearing these night guards every night.As far as which kind is best, I don't know,each doctor has his own philosophy.Wish to hear from you or anyone who suffers from this affliction.

Hi, I'm pam,
I'm only 24, but was diagnosed with TMJ when I was 18. Never knew why. Had an accident AND braces. Both could have contributed. I couldn't open my jaw without moving to the side. Really sucked to sneeze or yawn. Anyhow, I got a splint/night guard thing to wear when I slept, but it just made my jaw hurt more. After about two months of hoping it would help I quit. My jaw hurts more some days than others, but I find that if I sleep on my right side it helps. I guess the pressure I put on it all night does someting. Now I can open my jaw all the way without moving to the side. It still cracks and pops when I do, but there is less pain and I can yawn with satisfaction now. I'm not saying it's a cure. I'm no doctor, but the splint was just a gimmick if you ask me.

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