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Re: am I crazy ???

Re: am I crazy ???

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Posted by Rick on March 19, 2000 at 00:20:45:

In Reply to: am I crazy ??? posted by K- on November 19, 1999 at 17:54:00:

: My symptoms include: tingling fingers and hands escpecially in the morning when i just wake up .tired tmj, sore tmj also ringing in ears and fullness in ears swollen facial muscles and neck muscles just on right side I can crack my jaw like cracking knuckles and I clench my teeth at night and sometimes during the day unnoticed.Ive also had a feeling of something like a lump in my throat.
: Ive been treated for the lump feeling with Prevacid for reflux disease although never confirmed I had this I did do a barium swallow with inconclusive results . Ive been told by my doctor the tingling hands and the arm and shoulder ache as well as my pec muscles is from a bulging disc. Im confused my dentist thinks I have tmj diorder but have not officially seen him for that. I start physical therapy for my suposed bulging disc in a couple of days . Im very depressed I am tired of feeling crappy all the time and wondering if I am dying from some bizarre disease . Iam under alot of pressure now with school and work and my first baby on the way Im a fairly young man (29) but feel 70 I dont know whatr to do . I feel my doctor does not treat my sympoms as a whole but treats each indidoal symptom on its own i.e reflux disease . Anybody have any advice I dont have dental insurance but I do have medical so If I go to tghe dentist this will be a huge financial burden on us.

: K-
Do you have "silver" fillings in your teeth? If so, you should know that the metal of highest composition in the filling is typically mercury, not silver. Very small amounts of mercury are highly toxic to the human body. Your symptoms are similar to one that is "allergic" to these mercury dental amalgam fillings or one that has been exposed to mercury. Check the internet for more information. I speak from first hand experience. The tingling of my hands and the severe neck and shoulder pains didn't happen until my molar broke in half exposing my poisonous dental amalgam. Before that fateful day when my tooth broke, I had been fighting horrible arthritis, lower back pain, chest pains, loose teeth, gum disease,and urinary problems for more than 25 years. The problems got worse as I aged, as the toxicity built up in me.

To make a long story short, I was told not to run more than a 100 hundred yards by a doctor, 28 years ago, and now I run approximately 19 miles a week. I had my mercury-silver dental amalgams removed about 5 or 6 years ago and replaced by plastic ones (they cement them in place). I continually improve. I am now a few months shy of 50 years old and feel & look like a kid again after years and years of pain & discomfort.

The ADA claims that "silver" fillings are safe, based on no scientific evidence. The basis of their claim of safety is that it has been used for more than one hundred years. (Think about how many hundreds of years that lead was used in products, before they realized that it wasn't safe.) However, they admit (from what I have read) that some people may be "allergic" to these dental amalgams. Check it out on the internet and from a doctor that understands the problem with dental amalgam poisoning (if you can find such a doctor). This may not be the cause of your problems, but it sure is suspicious.

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