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Re: Surgery-what do I do?

Re: Surgery-what do I do?

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Posted by David on April 25, 2000 at 00:28:00:

In Reply to: Re: Surgery-what do I do? posted by Lisa on March 07, 2000 at 09:10:34:

: Hi Julie!

: How's everything going? Are you still home or back at work? I hope all is well and your on your way to a speedy recovery. Just thought I'd say hello and see how you're doing. Write soon!

: Lisa

: : Hi Lisa! It's all over with & I'm back home (2nd nite). According to the doc, everything went very well & he expects things to just get better--already he's marveling at how smooth the joint works. I still look like Frankenstein, but the visible stiches will come out on Monday. It was definitely--an experience. I can't wait to just get this all behind me for good.

: : Yeah, not the best Valentine's day but oh well. It's just good to be back home. Work on Monday should be interesting tho...

: : Your splint situation sounds just like mine--I had three through my dentist that all made the pain so much worse, & that was when he referred me to the oral surgeon. The one I got from him didn't cause any pain, but it wasn't going to fix anything either.

: : Talk to you later,
: : Julie
: : : Hi Julie!

: : : How are you? I hope all went well. I thought about you on Valentines day and am sure everything went good. Will you be home for awhile? I am trying now to see my doctor again to schedule my surgery but of course-insurance approvals seem to take forever! Because of my job I can only have the surgery during certain months-as I get closer to the summer it will be impossible to have. I currently do not wear a splint-it hurt me more to wear it. All that time to be fitted and then not wear it! Crazy! Well-I better go for now. I hope everything went ok-write when you can!

: : : Lisa

: : :
: : : : I only saw one doctor, which may not be the smartest thing but I trust him a great deal, and he only offered the cut-from-the-outside option. I saw him on Monday and feel TONS better since doing so. As far as the nerve damage concern, they go in and test each nerve electronically to make sure they avoid damaging any nerves--interesting. And he assured me that none of his surgical patients ever suffered permanent nerve damage. Scarring is minimal because of the location of the incisions and the stiches are done _under_ the skin, somehow. Anyway, I feel much better informed now (although I will be a total wreck come Sunday nite!!!). I will let you know how it goes!

: : : : When do you think you will have yours done? Have you been wearing a splint for awhile to prepare? Dr. says that I may be able to wear mine just nights after 4 months or so...I can't wait, I hate this thing!!!!

: : : : Talk to you soon, I hope!
: : : : Julie
: : : : : Hi Julie!

: : : : : I'm sorry you have to spend your Valentines Day like that! Our cases are so similiar-my discs have slipped out and are still in good condition. The first doctor I saw recommended the surgery you will be having but the second doctor recommended going through the inside of my mouth and I guess repositioning the jaw-my mouth will have to wired for 3 weeks. Was this procedure an option for you? I too was scared of the cutting and the possible nerve damage. I am going more towards the recommendation from the second doctor-Anyone have that type of surgery? Which is the "better" way?

: : : : : Thanks! Lisa

: : : : :
: : : : : : Thanks for your well-wishes Lisa! Actually my surgery is on Feb. 14 (happy Valentine's Day?!?!?)so I'm still stressing out over it. I wish I had found this website sooner because I am desperate to talk to people who has gone through this! My procedure is going to entail incisions in front of my ears (both sides), and putting the cushioning discs (medical term???) back into place because they have slipped out of place so far that they haven't been used in years. So my discs are in good shape & don't need replacing--I guess that's a good thing. My major concern is nerve damage and, to a lesser degree, scarring.

: : : : : : Please, if anyone can relate, e-mail me directly at [email protected] promise to return the favor to others once it's all over!

: : : : : : Thank you!
: : : : : : Julie

How did your surgeon reposition the disks to stay in the correct spot? My wife had surgery about 18 months ago with a "tether" or string to limit the movement of the disk, but it broke. She was 1 case in 10 that failed, supposedly. My wife is in constant pain, has limited jaw movement and is now extremely depressed over all this. Where is your surgeon located? We're in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. Glad your experiences went well. Any help would be appreciated!

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