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Re: strange sensation....Anyone have this??

Re: strange sensation....Anyone have this??

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Posted by susan on May 07, 2000 at 20:41:58:

In Reply to: Re: strange sensation....Anyone have this?? posted by Julie on May 03, 2000 at 22:38:30:

: : : I have been diagnosed with TMJ Disorder for about two years.. I have had a strange sensation that i get once in a while and wonder if it could be the tmj problem.... This may sound strange but imagine being choked or upside down for a really long time.. you know the pressure feeling you'd get in your face, neck and head when that happens? Does anyone occasionally get this feeling? I was wondering if it could be from the nerves being pressed or something.... A reply would be greatly appreciated.. THANKS.. i am so glad that i found this site!!

: : Dear Julie, I am very familiar with the feeling that you have described, for I kep this feeling 24/7 and have had it daily for 18 months now..still tryign to find the "miracle"..Ive never really ben explained s to what causes it exactly, i would think your guess is a good educated one, when there is tmj, there is generally inflammation (swelling of joints, or muscles (or constricting ones ) im sure can cause this pressure...again..IM not quite sure..thats what makes this TMJ stuff soooooo spooky..are all the many diffferent symptoms. like you I also have bulged cervical disc (4 actually),so docs are in this sitation,, is it TMJ, or neck causing most of my pain...or a combunation of the two...?? who knows. IM wishing you all the best and I continue to say prayers daily that we one day..will not have to suffer in the manner we do..I have a very non existant life at this point..yet..I have faith, anymore that is about the only "sure thing I have...bye for now

: Susan... Thank you so much for responding. I really appreciate it and I am also relieved that someone else has this symptom.. i thought i might have some fatal disease!! It is so irritating and draining.. physically and emotionally. I hope to see another doctor soon to figure out the best way to get some relief.. If you have any suggestions.. I would like to hear them.. do you wear a mouth piece? Do you take anti inflammatories or muscle relaxers? I haven't taken anything but I am looking into taking something.. Right now I have a 7 month old son and I am breastfeeding so I cannot take anything.. Oh, well.. Again, I really really appreciate you taking the time to respond to my question.. JULIE

Julie, to answer your questions, yes IM in my second TMJ splint, my first, and upper flat planed splint I wore for over a year, no help whatsoever. I found a specialist about4 hours from me that fitted me for my second (Lower splint) and Ive been in it since 1/00, cant say any Major relief, if any very minute, but he is getting ready to go into a "second phase" of treatment with it.where he describes it as "moving forward" as in my bottom jaw, an MRI has shown that both my disc are anteriorly displaced (shoved back into my ears, is the best way DR describes it to me)'ll see how this "phase" works. AT this point IM taking 1500mg of Narpoxon a magic cure, really most days I cannot tell IM taking it, yet I bet if I stopped I would notice things more, I also take a muscle relaxer called Skelaxin, I like this too, again, it does not do alot, yet perhaps take a lil edge off ( I take this 1-2 times a day), the good thing about this muscle relaxer is that it is non-narcotic and has a low addiction rating (nil to none< I was also(this past week), started on Neurontin 200 mg at bedtime (but this will increase over time), a doctor at a local pain clinic started me on this, he and my dentist work together and discuss my case, and every step they make with each other before ( I like this kind of concern). Neurontin is mainly given for seizures..yet...of late it has also been prescribed for chronic pain patients, and found to be promising (from what Ive read). Ive tried avoid harsh medications this whole time, but now..I feel I need it, and perhaps even a pain med, which I am planning on discussing with my dentist , on my next visit. anyway..keep me informed of your progress, and anything I can share Ill be more than happy to. healing wishes to you!!!!

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