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Re: TMJ is going to make me lose my life...

Re: TMJ is going to make me lose my life...

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Posted by Marie Elizabeth on June 10, 2000 at 00:31:37:

In Reply to: TMJ is going to make me lose my life... posted by Wendy on May 21, 2000 at 22:18:13:

: I was diagnosed with TMJ about 5 years ago. Two years ago the headaches began; a day hasn't gone by since that I haven't had a migraine.
: In the last three weeks the pain has become so severe that I can't live normally. My house is a mess, I can not play with my children, I had to drop down to part-time in college. My headaches are extruciating, my jaw doesn't close or open very much, it hurts terribly to try and turn my neck, and it feels like a balloon is trying to burst in the back of my head.
: I've lost my life, and I'm now to the point that I really don't care anymore. I need help!!!
: I can't have this fixed---a maxilofacial surgeon informed me that I MUST have surgery---however, I rely on the state to help me with medical insurance. As soon as I show the physicians the medical card, their attitudes immediately change---in their eyes I am some lazy woman depending on the state to support her. That's just not the case!! That is why I am going to college, so that I don't have to depend on those people any longer.
: I have seriously been considering ending my life, this pain is unbearable... I'm not even living, I'm existing.
: Please, help me...

Dear Wendy:

Please don't give up! I'm 33 and I've lived with TMJ Disorder since I was about 19 years old. Last summer, I too often felt like giving up, but in my heart I beleive there is hope. Like yourself, last year I got an MRI that showed displaced disks with mild to moderate internal derangement on the right side and severe derangement on the left side. I had difficulties opening my mouth and it hurt terribly to chew. I also had the horrible headaches and neck pain. I continue to see a really good doctor who said that I also have osteoarthritis in both joints and that my right condyle is pushed out of place really bad. This doctor is really conservative with his treatment, and he and his staff are strongly against surgery. He made me yet another splint that really helps keep my pain level down. I had even got to the point where I could wear it only at night and I was feeling really good for the first time in years (along with the help of a really good pain releiver for my osteoarthritis.) It's acting up again, though, so I have to wear my splint throughout the day. I worry about the future and sometimes when my pain flares up I contemplate seeing another doctor I saw who thinks surgery will help. After everything I read about people who've had surgery though, I strongly recommend that you continue with conservative treatments. My "conservative" doctor says that the joint space is simply to small to perform sucessful surgeries on. The result is usually continued or increased pain with scar tissue build up along with the need for more and more surgies. One of the doctor's wives had the surgery and now lives on morphine. Please don't give up. Try to borrow the money you need to see someone who will make you a really good splint to unlock your joint and give you some relief. Eat a soft diet, use heat, and take pain releivers. Don't worry about your house, (I used to do the same thing)jue take care of yourself. I hope your family understands what you are going through. If not, make them!!! Good Luck and God Bless!

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