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nobody has been able to help me... I need to vent... :o(

nobody has been able to help me... I need to vent... :o(

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Posted by Rebecca on August 02, 2000 at 16:39:04:

Im new here, and have had TMJ symptoms since i was about 4.
Figure i should introduce and tell my story.....
Im 19 now, and in college, and seem to be having the most problems with my TMJ now. When i was
really young i would grind my teeth all night long - my mom said it sounded like i had a mouthfull of glass.
I dont remember having pain from it.When i was about 12 or so i got my first mouth guard which i wore at
night. At the time i was experiencing the typical TMJ problem, with the clicking and the pain.. all the
usual junk. I wore that mouth guard for about 2 years or so, and eventually stopped wearing it because i
wasnt experiencing problems. I eventually got my wisdom teeth taken out to try to alleviate the pressure
i was feeling in my jaw, but it didnt help.
The problems the past 2 years however have been the worst so far. In the past 8 or 9 months i have gone
through 2 mouth guards, and am on the 3rd. They have all been cracked by my clenching. The third one was made out of
a hard acrylic that i cracked as well. I have seen specialists, dentists, and everyone has a different 'new'
something to try. *sigh* On the bright side, the mouthguards did resolve the grinding issue, but it seems to have
not fixed the severe clenching. So, i am currently stuck with the problems, and am supposed to be
taking 2400mg of ibuprofen a day for the pain. Which, in turn, makes my stomach really unhappy

I have gotten so fed up with all this, i just wish it all would end. The headaches are horrible that i experience
from this; sometimes to the point of a migrane. I hate how it interferes with my everyday life. I absolutley
love singing and i usually cant because of the jaw problems.
Sorry for taking up so much space, its hard trying to explain this to my friends and my boyfriend who dont
understand the kind of pain it is.

Thanks for anyone who took the time to read this. If ya wanna talk, or share the same kinda problems, i'd
love to know im not the only one out there.

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