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Computer Work & TMJ - Advice Please

Computer Work & TMJ - Advice Please

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Posted by Jonathan Phillips on September 16, 2000 at 22:01:50:

Firstly I'm wondering if the symeptoms that I have are indeed TMJ related. They as follows:

1) A constant ache/stinging in my right cheek and in the jaw area in front of my ear
2) A dull ache behind my right eye
3) sores inside my right cheek caused by my molars cutting into them

I work as a computer programmer, and was wondering whether I could be clenching so much under the concentration that that my work requires, that I could be bringing on the symptoms mentioned above?

My doctor wants to get my Wisdom teeth removed which I'm skeptical about. One dentist says I should, whilst another made me up a night guard to wear. This hasn't really helped because I think my problems occuring during the day when I work on the computer.

I've taken all the good advice - soft diet, warm/cold packs, jaw exercises, stress reduction. I would wear my night guard during the day , but because it's so damn obvious I dont want to.

I'm trying to get a referral to see a TMJ specialist next week, after I've done the following:

1) Got a referral from my doctor so see a dentist
2) Got a referral from my dentist to see an oral surgeon
3) Got a referral from my oral surgeon to see a TMJ specialist!

(I think it would be easier to get an audience with the Pope!)

On a postive point this affliction has taught me a valuable lesson. It's made me more sympathetic to other peoples suffering which I guess is a good thing

Any advice that you panel of experts out there can offer, would be greatly appreciated. I'm at the point now where I'm contemplating a change of career, which I don't want to have to do, if there is something that you think will work for me.


PS What we would do without the Internet. I've read a lot of the posted messages, with the corresponding replies of comfort and advice. Its great that we can help each other out.

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