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Posted by Heather on September 18, 2000 at 15:41:54:

In Reply to: Been there! posted by Sherri on September 15, 2000 at 12:43:38:

I appreciated your response and just wanted to update you that after 4 weeks my jaw has unlocked! I have a LITTLE pain when chewing and opening my mouth real wide but for the most part I am doing pretty well. I'm not sure what or who should take the credit for it finally opening. I first started out by going to a masseuse, then started on herbs/supplements that were suggested in a home remedy type book for tmj, and then started at the chiropractor. I made 5 visits to the chiropractor since she said that my #1 disc was very out of place which could have been putting pressure on the jaw. In between appointments I would ice my jaw and do stretching excercises that the chiropractor suggested. I was really losing hope since it wasn't budging ANY but all of a sudden the oher morning when I woke up my jaw started doing this clicking and popping again...which it hadn't done since it locked up so I quick iced it some more and then started moving it around using my hand to push from one side to the other. It unhinged a little bit, then I iced some more and moved it around and it unhinged almost all the way. It stayed hooked up a little bit more for 3 more days but as of today I can open all the way again! So THERE IS HOPE!!!!!!! And I did not go through any surgery or injections or anything like that. Something I also did was constantly stay aware of what I was doing with my jaw.. as far as clenching my teeth while working and sleeping. I always made sure that I was resting my teeth on my tongue throughout the day. Your teeth should never be resting ontop of each other unless you are chewing. I have also bought a cheap mouthguard from Kmart (the ones that the football players use that you drop in hot water and mold them to your mouth). This keeps my teeth from clenching at night which is a big problem for me. Again, thank you for your letter and your support. It is such a good feeling when you're feeling hopeless and scared and someone shares in it with you. Luckily I didn't have to take your advice YET about going to an oral surgeon but I will keep that in mind in case my tmj gets worse throughout the years to come. Take care!

: Dear Heather,

: Well your story just about brought tears to my eyes! 7 years ago my jaw started locking open and closed. My jaw never opened properly my entire life so I would push my bottom jaw out and drop it down dislocating it each time I did that. (I didn't know that this was wrong) I did have popping but no other symtoms.

: Surgery was suggested and I did it because I was willing to take the chance that it might get better. I was not going to live my life with my jaw always locking. Surgery worked FOR ME. It's been 7 years now and I am still going.

: Your chiropractor was correct is saying that medical thinks it's a dental problem and vice versa. My inusrance would not cover 1 red cent of my surgery, I had to make other arrangements.
: It is VERY frustrating that this disease is ignored by health insurance companies.

: My suggestion would be to find yourself an Oral/Maxillofacial Surgeon. You have to pay for it, might as well make it worth your money! The OMS might be able to prescribe a muscle relaxer to see if that will help relax your jaw. Then you can get a good evaluation.

: I have a webpage about my TMJ experience, if you are interested e-mail me at [email protected]

: Take care
: Sherri

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