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Re: Thanks Mezza

Re: Thanks Mezza

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Posted by Mezza on September 20, 2000 at 07:05:16:

In Reply to: Thanks Mezza posted by Mary on September 19, 2000 at 17:07:58:

: I have been using a prescription nasal spray called nasacort which seems to help with the full feeling in my ear, and when the pain, or the ringing or the fullness gets to bad, I take 1/2 a benedryl tablet at bedtime. Benedryl knocks me on my butt, so I take it at bedtime only.

: It's very frustrating to constantly feel like there is something wrong, or to always be in pain, or have your ear blocked all the time. I just get tired of feeling this way all the time.

: I've started really working at this problem. I use a moist heating pad, and I wear one of those plastic retainer things at night. I also sleep with my head elevated just slightly onto a towel, and I sleep on my back only.

: The medications that you spoke of are they all prescription?

: Thanks Again,
: M

: : : Hello fellow TMJ suffers,

: : : Like many of you I have been to multitudes of doctors over the years from early childhood when I had constant ear infections and sinus infections, to my 20's when I was diagnosed with meniere's, and now TMJ.

: : : I have looked into a TMJ dentist, but frankly I can't afford it, and my insurance doesn't cover it.

: : : My biggest problem associated with TMJ is chronic ear pain, I hate to say that, but at this point, I must call the pain chronic.

: : : Please.........If you have any over the counter medication suggestions, or any other suggestions that I might try to relieve the pain I would be greatly appreciative. From what I have read on the message board ibuprophen, and Aleve seem to be the choices.

: : : Thank-you
: : : Mary

: : Hey there fellow ear pain sufferer! You are the first I've found who like me suffers most in the ears. From what I've read this is not that classic for TMJ.

: : I use Paracetamol from half to max dose per day as this works best in a constant dose, and supplement with iboprofen plus voltaren, digesic or codeine when it gets bad. The best for me seems to be panadol with iboprofen and codeine. However ,I am concerned at taking so many drugs and I beleive the panadol is running me down.

: : A doctor did suggest a nose spray to clear out deep in the ear but I find it VERY useful to hold my nose and blow when I can feel pressure, sometimes several times in a row, as this can prevent the pain increasing.

: : Best of luck and let us know what works for your ear pain/tmj pain in the future.

: : Mezza

Hi Mary,

I am not from the USA so drugs often have different names and brandnames in different countries. I'll be more specific and you should be able to find these in a drug reference book (public library) or ask a drug dispenser/chemist/drug store.

1. Paracetamol (panadol brand)
2. Ibuprofen (nurofen brand)
2a.Ibuprofen+Codeine (nurofen plus brand)
3.Diclofenac Sodium (voltaren brand)
4. Dextropropoxyphene Napsylate + Paracetamol (di-gesic)
5. (haven't tried yet)Mersyndol brand which is paracetamol + codeine+ doxylamine succinate.

All over the counter here except the di-gesic which is a narcotic (not that it works for me!)You need to take only one drug from each drug family ie.ibuprofen with paracetamol but never with asprin. It is amazingly easy to OD on Paracetamol & damage liver/kidneys so make sure you do your study.

If you're anything like me there are times when you don't care about taking drugs sensibly and just want some relief-now. I'm glad I've planned my drug options in advance.

Best Wishes

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