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My TMJ is driving me insane!

My TMJ is driving me insane!

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Posted by Jorah on September 25, 2000 at 18:16:47:

I wake up with a headache. My headache lasts until the afternoon when the vertigo (dizziness) starts. That lasts until I go to bed -- then I wake up and same thing next day. I am sitting here at work about to cry because I can't get rid of this. My health insurance does not cover ANY TMJ related issues and my orthodontisit is out of town to my luck. Usualy I wear a night guard.. But it doesn't fit and I need to get it adjusted by my out-of-town ortho. He has been gone ALLLL month with NO back up ortho. I am so frusterated. It effects my whole life - work, school, my love life -- everything. I am miserable. Last week I was struck with the muscle spasms in my jaw - happens once in awhile. Luckily my ortho' nurse's were nice enough to let me come in and get an ultra sound on my jaw; which if you haven't had one, they are heavenly for TMJ sufferers. But unfortunately they at $15 per ultra sound and that becomes really price to get done ALL the time... I have to have 2 over a couple days to relieve the pain and tension in my jaw.

I am mainly venting here to fellow TMJ sufferers. It seems that my fiance can't completely understand because he doesnt know how to help. And people at work I am sure are tired of hearing me complain everyday about the headaches and dizziness.

I have one main question to ask you all: do you experience dizziness/vertigo too? The reason why I ask is because I too have had blood tests and MRI's RE: the vertigo -- nothing ever came up. I use to think it was all in my head until I read recently that vertigo may be a symptom of TMJ. Just wondering how commmon it is.

Thank you for letting me vent.

Jorah F.

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