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Re: My TMJ is driving me insane!

Re: My TMJ is driving me insane!

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Posted by Kathy on October 06, 2000 at 10:12:52:

In Reply to: Re: My TMJ is driving me insane! posted by suzyC on October 02, 2000 at 21:42:13:

: : Jorah,
: : You are not alone. I am dizzy every day of my life almost every waking moment. It even scares me at times especially when I drive. I have even fell playing baseball--I was swinging a bat!!!
: : When I wake up with a headache I know it is going to be a bad day. Sleep is the only time I get relief from the pain. My vertogo is always present
: : just at times it is worse than others. The doctor gave me anivert for my dizziness but it makes me so sleepy I can't do my job...So I do not take it
: : I also have swallowing problems. I feel as tho I am swallowing around something. It also makes a pop sound in my throat and ears. My neck makes creeks and crunch sounds when I turn my head. My face hurts my eyes and lips twitch frequently. I often become nausiated. I feel as tho I have become a chronic complainer!!!
: : There is no pain reliever that will take away the pain other that vicodin which I take only when I can't bear it any longer.
: : Take Care!
: : Kathy
: Kathy< I could have just written what I read in your posts, every single sympton to a T, Added headd pain neck.shoulder pain, yet every day I have the dizziness, some days it a very strange feeling, not exactely "dizzy", but I feel like IM just in a fog, or :not really there" (if that makes any sense). Somestimes, depending on where I am (small enclosedd or crowded places) this feeling seems to bring on panic attacks (never had panic attacks before, so I know its from this feeling). What treatment options have you tried? a Also , about your ears "popping" , do they do it every time you swallow?, 24/7? Mine do have have fro 2 yrs there an end in sight? and I ask of "any professional seeing this" WHy in the heck is this do difficult to trea?, I would not wish this misery on anyone in the world....we need help!!!!

To tell you the truth I have been going to the doctor's with different symptoms at different times. The last time I went to the doctor was because I was so dizzy that I could not focus. It got me pretty scared. He treated me for an ear ache and gave me anivert for dizziness. Just like he treated the neck pain and headaches. The neck pain was a pulled muscle..the headaches are sinus infections. He acted as though were nuts when I told him all my I had too much stress in my life. It was at that point I decided to find out what was wrong for myself. Now that I know what is wrong I have to put up with the pain for awhile...I just started a new job and I have new insurance... I had an injury to my chin about
15 years ago.. I had a 4wheeler accident and stitches were put in my chin. From what I have read a blow to the chin is a classic reason for TMJ.
My ears do pop everytime I swallow! The biggest problem is the painful headaches & dizziness. I am a credit analyst and at times the pain is so bad I can not do my work..I feel just like you do in a fog ..not present...lights out no one home!
I am tired all the time. I feel exhausted. Keep me posted how you are doing and the treatments
that you have received.

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