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Re: My TMJ is driving me insane!

Re: My TMJ is driving me insane!

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Posted by Tricia on October 16, 2000 at 22:08:25:

In Reply to: Re: My TMJ is driving me insane! posted by suzyC on October 02, 2000 at 21:42:13:

: : Jorah,
: : You are not alone. I am dizzy every day of my life almost every waking moment. It even scares me at times especially when I drive. I have even fell playing baseball--I was swinging a bat!!!
: : When I wake up with a headache I know it is going to be a bad day. Sleep is the only time I get relief from the pain. My vertogo is always present
: : just at times it is worse than others. The doctor gave me anivert for my dizziness but it makes me so sleepy I can't do my job...So I do not take it
: : I also have swallowing problems. I feel as tho I am swallowing around something. It also makes a pop sound in my throat and ears. My neck makes creeks and crunch sounds when I turn my head. My face hurts my eyes and lips twitch frequently. I often become nausiated. I feel as tho I have become a chronic complainer!!!
: : There is no pain reliever that will take away the pain other that vicodin which I take only when I can't bear it any longer.
: : Take Care!
: : Kathy
: Kathy< I could have just written what I read in your posts, every single sympton to a T, Added headd pain neck.shoulder pain, yet every day I have the dizziness, some days it a very strange feeling, not exactely "dizzy", but I feel like IM just in a fog, or :not really there" (if that makes any sense). Somestimes, depending on where I am (small enclosedd or crowded places) this feeling seems to bring on panic attacks (never had panic attacks before, so I know its from this feeling). What treatment options have you tried? a Also , about your ears "popping" , do they do it every time you swallow?, 24/7? Mine do have have fro 2 yrs there an end in sight? and I ask of "any professional seeing this" WHy in the heck is this do difficult to trea?, I would not wish this misery on anyone in the world....we need help!!!!

Hi - Just read through all of the responses about your nightmares with TMJ. I too thought that the migraines and the vertigo were just "in my head" until I began having horrible TMJ problems and after researching the TMJ realized that they are all related. I have had physical therapy, medication, bite splints, everything I can think of to relieve it, but my opening remains only 22mm - and by the end of the day (I teach, so I talk all day) my jaws are killing me. I am seeing ANOTHER specialist in Nov. so hopefully something will come of it finally. Hang in there! Do everything before surgery is what I have been told and have read. I had arthrocentesis in August and it didn't work - too much scar tissue they said. Good luck!

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