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Re: just got a night guard but...

Re: just got a night guard but...

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Posted by Pam on November 20, 2000 at 10:58:08:

In Reply to: just got a night guard but... posted by Chris on August 24, 2000 at 19:43:40:

:I once had an acrylic appliance made for me after chewing through two soft rubber appliances. The acrylic one also made my teeth hurt. I must have eventually gotten used to it because I wore it and eventually cracked it. The doctor added more acrylic to it to strenthen it, but I wasn't able to continue wearing it because I was trying so hard at night while asleep to chew through that appliance that I experienced severe jaw pain. I decided to stop wearing it. I hadn't had any pain for a real long time until recently when I had two different dentist appointments in one week. I seem to experience jaw pain after dental appointments from having my jaw open so wide for so long. Since I had two in one week, I now am having great pain and my jaw is locked shut. I can only open 20mm. A normal opening as I read on the internet is 40mm. I wish I could find an appliance that would help with my night grinding and also would not be able to be chewed through. I will tell you that I liked the soft rubber appliance more than the acrylic appliance. I just had more trouble keeping them. Maybe if the acrylic appliance gives you to much trouble and you don't have the problem I have with night grinding, you could ask him about the soft rubber appliances. Good luck!

: I've had headaches, sore left jaw, sore teeth, sore neck, etc for a while now. My teeth show lots of wear. The painful times usually comes in waves and then can disappear without notice (except for the sore teeth). My dentist believes it is TMJ and has just made a night guard for me. He has told me he wants me to wear it 24 hours a day at first and not just at night for sleep. It is the acrylic type that fits over the bottom teeth.

: I find the night guard squeezes my front teeth together that when I remove the guard, my teeth hurt. Also, after I remove it, my jaw feels out of place. My jaws are also tired if I remove the appliance and don't immediately put it back in. Granted, this is only the first day I've had it this normal? Whereas before, only my molars all my teeth seem to hurt. Will this go away?

: My dentist loosened the front of the guard a bit but doesn't want it loosened too much because he wants it to stay in place. I was in one of those "minimum pain" days when I went to see him (after two weeks of big time pain)...but now with the guard, I'm beginning to wonder if this was the right thing to do.

: I think I need some reassurances...or something...

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