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stars explanation

Posts: 40
Registered: May 2003

posted 05-05-2003 06:59 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Texanguy     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I've had a few wet dreams in my life, and would like a lot more. I've done some research on the web, based on writings submitted on boards by people who have wet dreams, including people who either started, stopped, or went back and forth between having lots of wet dreams and not having them.

There are always exceptions, everybody's different, but IN GENERAL:

-By far, most people who have lots of wet dreams DON'T MASTURBATE AT ALL. Some of them used to masturbate all the time and never had (many) wet dreams before they quit, but now have lots of wet dreams. 'Lots' can be several a week. Almost everyone else has few or no wet dreams. There is a big 'gulf', with few people in between.

-Lots of people would like to have wet dreams, but trying to hold off masturbating for a while usually results in frustrating cravings and no wet dreams. Yet other people stop masturbating and start having lots of wet dreams.

There appears to be two main reasons for this apparent contradiction:

-The 'time delay' between quitting masturbation and having lots of wet dreams varies, but is often several months.

-There is a difference between 'holding off' and 'quitting'. If you 'hold off' from masturbating, you'll miss it and crave it. If you 'quit' masturbating, you simply put it out of your mind, and it's no longer an option.

So if you are not having wet dreams, it looks like you have to 'kick' the masturbation habit completely. Don't think about it, don't want it, don't like it (obviously a lengthy transition period!). But once you kick it, and you wait long enough, you'll very likely start having LOTS of wet dreams.

These are observations, not personal experience. But it has convinced me of one
thing: I'm kicking the masturbation habit!!!

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stars explanation

Posts: 40
Registered: May 2003

posted 05-05-2003 07:04 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Texanguy     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Research on how to have wet dreams, continued

I have a theory about why 'holding off' from masturbating doesn't easily get you a wet dream.
If you 'hold off' masturbating while awake trying to have a wet dream, you are basically telling your brain 'no sex'. Your brain therefore won't have 'sex' in a wet dream while asleep either, since it thinks it's awake at the time! It looks like you have get past that by quitting masturbation completely for a long time, to let your brain and body get back the 'natural' way -- wet dreams.

A few people 'easily' hold off from masturbating and go back and forth between masturbating and waiting only a few days before having wet dreams again. It may be that these people really stop masturbating and enjoy their wet dreams for weeks or months on end. In other words, these people may really be 'wet dreamers' who 'occasionally' masturbate, but are not 'hooked' on masturbation

But whether that's true or not, the 'anecdotal evidence' indicates that the situation is different for the vast majority of people, who have few or no wet dreams, and may want lots of them.

Virtually the only way people anywhere on the web have successfully transitioned from having no wet dreams to having lots of them was by completely quitting masturbation first -- not just 'holding off'!

Search the web yourself if you want – you’ll find postings and questions from more mature people (not talking about young teenagers just starting out) who used to masturbate and had no wet dreams at all and now have several wet dreams a week. They ALL did it by quitting masturbation completely, for various reasons. Most often, the reasons were unstated. Some reasons included personal, boredom with masturbation, lack of opportunity, medical, or even religious conerns. The one thing they all had in common as that they used to masturbate and quit. There was no evidence of any other way to start having wet dreams.

If a person is normal, masturbates pretty often, doesn’t have wet dreams and wants them, it looks like they’ll have to do what others have already done to start having their frequent wet dreams -- quit masturbating completely! You can't 'hold off', you have to quit.

A few people can do both, but most of us have two only two choices. We can either continue to masturbate and have no wet dreams, or we can make the effort to completely quit masturbation, leave it behind, wait, and let the body start having better sex naturally while asleep. (Sounds like quitting a habit!). Most of us can either masturbate all we want and never have wet dreams, or have lots of wet dreams and never masturbate.

Which is best? I’m sure it’s personal, but it looks like most people who quit masturbating and 'make it' to having lots of wet dreams see no point in ever masturbating again. I know I wouldn't!

Observations? Comments?

I have some questions for the people who don't masturbate and have wet dreams:

-What is your opinion of these observations? Anything to add or disagree with?

-Is having wet dreams part of the reason you never masturbate, or even the MAIN reason?

-Did you ever masturbate enough in the past that you had few or no wet dreams?

-If so, how did you happen to quit? How hard was it? Did you quit in order to have wet dreams, or were they a side effect? How long after you quit did you start having wet dreams?

-How do your wet dreams compare in feelings, excitement, intensity, etc, to when you used to masturbate?

-Would you ever consider going back to masturbating and giving up wet dreams? (Anecdotal evidence says very few people do.)

There is something quite fascinating about having lots of exciting sex in your sleep to people who very rarely if ever have wet dreams and can't stop masturbating. Would you recommend that people make the effort to quit masturbation completely in order to enjoy lots of wet dreams? Would you personally describe it as worth it?

Do you have recommendations on how best to make the transition? Help us people who want lots of wet dreams out!

Questions for people who masturbate and have few if any wet dreams:

-If you started having several wet dreams a week which were more exciting and intense than masturbation, would you still bother with masturbation, or lose all interest in it? Especially if masturbation made you have less of these wet dreams?

-If there was a step by step recipe that GUARANTEED lots of great orgasms in wet dreams, and part of that process was to quit masturbating completely, would you follow it?

Myself, I want lots of wet dreams, and I'm tired of masturbation anyway. The next step is now pretty obvious... If I make it, I'm not going back!

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