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Re: opinions on zoloft

Re: opinions on zoloft

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Posted by KevinO on October 31, 2000 at 17:26:41:

In Reply to: Re: opinions on zoloft posted by Blasto on October 25, 2000 at 15:11:37:

: : Hello, I have been suffering from panic attacks for the past 2 and half weeks, and was given a zoloft starter pack by an HMO pshyc doc a little over a week ago. It started out with 25 mg and goes to 50. He said for the first week take half the 25 and then move up to 50. I did that, and half of the 25 was working great. I stopped vomiting in the morning, I stopped needing to take xanac. But, when I moved up to the 25, I went through the roof. The panic attack feelings hit all over again, and it was like an emotional roller coaster ride. Just before I took the 25mg I felt great, and about 20 minutes after I took it ka boom. My body type is very sensitive. One beer, and I am drunk, know what I mean. I can feel caffine pick me up and throw me around. So I think my body can only handle half the 25 mg of zoloft. Has anybody else had that problem with zoloft? Right now I am back on taking .5 of xanac, but all that does it dope me up. I think i need to get back on the small amount of zoloft, but I am not sure. Any advice would be greatly appriciated.

: KevinO

: KevinO,

: Did your Doc ever consider finding your baseline before administer a 'starte pack' Perhaps the best advice would be to get a second opinion. There are other meds on the market that don't 'dope you up'. Stop accepting pop sci and start doing something about your condition.

Nope, the doc that my insurance company gave me just threw the zoloft, and xanac my way. The second doc said to just take .5 of xanax, three times daily. So far the zoloft is working. As it turns out, after doing some self diagnosis I am closing in on OCD. The ephidrine that is in the xenadrine, and what not have reopened little nervous ticks, and obsessive thinking that plauged me as a child. I am now in the process of reeling everything in, and getting my life back together. If i had one moment in time to do over it would be to not buy the xenadrine, or any other diet pills that say all natural, but are loaded with epherdrine, ma haung and what naught. Just because something is a herb"or "all natural" , does not make it good for you. If that is the case cow poop is all natual, and that should be a miricale cure for everything. My advice to anybody, just set aside some time in your work week do some cardio, lifiting, drink lots of water, and watch what you eat. I know it does not sound to alluring, but it is safe, and it will benefit you through out your life. You can't take xenadrine your whole life. It will wreck your body. But you can exercise, and eat right, your whole life. To me that is all that has to be said. But, our society wants the quick fix. We have no time to do it right so we posion ourselves to make ourselves look good on the outside while we wreck our insides, sheesh. Well stop the bus cos I am getting off.


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