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Re: Withdrawls and too good to be true?

Re: Withdrawls and too good to be true?

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Posted by IndyChris on December 05, 2000 at 18:55:25:

In Reply to: Xenedrine - first impressions; is it too good to be true? posted by Jerence on November 03, 2000 at 11:56:47:

: I've been on Xenedrine for 1 week. I've lost 5 pounds already, and have an incredible amount of energy in the morning. After a couple restless nights, I stopped taking the two pills at lunch, but still take the two in the monring. No other side effect for me so far, aside from a general strong caffein buzz. I'm also drinking 4 large tubmlers of ice water each day (aside from drinks with meals), and working out for 1 hour 3 times a week.

: I just have this impression however that this could be a bit addictive. The quick acting high in the monring is really wonderful, and helps my work day zip by. If only it didn't affect sleep, it would be perfect, if only just for an energy-booster and nothing else.

: It really does kill the appetite - I can get by on just oatmeal for breakfast, an apple for lunch (occasionally a turkey sub), and a light fat-free dinner (chicken breast, salad, veg) for dinner without wanting more. I almost have to tell myself to eat since I dont feel those pains I usually get when trying to lose weight.

: Since it is packed with caffein, has anyone had any caffein withdrawl symptoms after stopping taking it, like terrible migrane headaches or a general tired feeling? Something this powerful has got to have a noticible opposite effect when you stop taking it.


You were wanting to know about withdrawls?? Yes, you do have withdrawls. I started out taking Ripped Fuel and then switched to Xenadrine. The first time I tried to stop taking the supplement cold turkey and I got migraines on the next two consecutive days, however, if you cut back gradually, over a couple weeks time you'll be fine. You just have to flush your system. I've lost 30 pounds on Ripped Fuel/Xenadrine along with a weight workout routine, watching what I eat and WALKING. Don't jog, walk!! Walk about 3 miles a day around your neighborhood and you'll see a difference in a week or two.

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