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Re: Important news about ephedrine!!

Re: Important news about ephedrine!!

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Posted by Alexandre-H. on December 14, 2000 at 23:07:19:

In Reply to: Re: Important news about ephedrine!! posted by mike on December 05, 2000 at 21:12:19:

: i did not even read the whole thing but their are people who die every day that do not take supplements,i have heard of alot more deathes hapening from cardio or excercice or playing basketball while on no supplements, so does that mean that u are not gonna excercise?? everything could be dangerous,

This is a very dumb approach to life. And, in a couple of lines, you manage to put it in a totally sophistic reasonning.

Anyways, for those considering or using the ECA stack, the fact that people die using it is not to be discussed, fact is, it can cause cerebral hemoraghea and further hearth damage.

The story about the use of ephedra in asia for the past thousand year, is such a sophism that it cracks me up, indians had been smoking for thousands of years, without apparent problems...

The ECA stack has a very understandable biochemical basis in cell activity. But, problem is, it is now ban in Canada and in many states in the US. Of course the Internet, changes all the problems you might have if you want it.

It's side effects are visible on a cellular level in change of T3/T4 membrane receptors among other stuff.

It's first use (juste ephedrine or pseudoephedrine) is to serve as a vasodilatation medication (bronchodilatation for colds and breathing problems). It plays it's role well, in the brain also. Which is probably one of the reasons of aneuvrism. The second aspect, being a predecessor of noradrenalin, is the cause of heart palpitation and higher blood pressure.(vasodilatation being also cause be the release of noradrenalin). Noradrenalin being the stress hormone, responsible for the Fight or Flight response.

There is accessible information about the biochemical process of the ECA stack (accessible in terms of availibility not of possible understanding...


It does not assess the possible health problems.

On the other hand, life threatning use depends of many factors, age, blood pressure, hearth condition, overall health and so on.

I am actually trying to convince my pharmacist mother to get me some pseudo ephedrine (far less potent then ephedrine) considering I am in good shape, good heart (according to cardiograms) and the simple fact that I am 19 and energetic.

Anyone who thinks of using this should be vary careful.

And please don't say that bodybuilders have been using it for years...anyone who is willing to ingest hormones that make your nuts shrink is not a good example.

Alexandre-H. Dandavino
Biomedical Sciences student @ University of Montreal, Canada.

You can always consult a Biochemistry book for a more systematic review of the processes involved.

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