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Re: How about some help??? Thanks in advance!

Re: How about some help??? Thanks in advance!

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Posted by Liza on October 11, 2000 at 23:12:23:

In Reply to: How about some help??? Thanks in advance! posted by Jes on October 11, 2000 at 17:21:02:

: I am a 23 year old woman. I guess I was the girl in high school that most of you hated. I was thin, and (some people would say) attractive. I have kept my figure with minimal exercise, until recently. I always thought the "get married, then get fat" thing was a joke, but in April I got married, and all of a sudden I am starting to gain weight. I am working fulltime during the day and trying to finish up my degree in the evenings, so I don't have time to excercise daily, and on my days off, the last thing I have is energy. I eat fairly well, and if I had the motivation I would go to the gym. It is odd, at first I thought I was pregnant, but after a couple months it bacame obvious that my clothes just didn't fit anymore. I have 2 overweight sisters, and have always told them that as lond as they are healthy they should be happy. However, I can see why they get so depressed. I don't feel very sexy anymore, and it is my fault, not my husbands. I don't want to go on any dangerous pill or anything don't get me wrong, but I would love to find a product that would give the the extra energy to wake up on Saturday morning so I can go to the aerobics class. Does anyone know of any such thing?

: It is actually kind of funny, because I have always been told I was too skinny, and people are telling me I look great, but I don't feel great. I have a nice layer of fat forming around my belly, and I don't like it. I used to have nice definition with my abs, and now I have to watch how I sit down without showing too much flab. The longer I let this go on I know that I will get more and more upset about it. I was hoping someone can help out. I am not interested in doing any kind of diet where I have to watch the intake of sugar, or carbs, or protein... I already eat a very balanced diet, and i don't have time to adjust that in my life right now. Thanks a lot guys.

I swear I have been living the smae life, for someone who used to be called too skinny and had so much energy to just wanting to sit and do nothing !!!
I got so sick of it and I admit I went out and bought metabolife 356, at first I hated it because it seemed to make my heart beat a little faster and scared me. So I stopped, then about a month ago I just got soo sick of looking at mysalf that I started taking it again, but this time I would get up and move, just like doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen anything to get me up after I took it.........and my energy was great !
My husband asked me how I got all this energy and I was so happy he noticed !
ANd in 3 weeks I have lost weight NOT MUCH but enough to feel my clothes fit better !
WARNING !! If you do try this, DONT just pop one and sit on the couch that is why poeple get there heart beating fast, you have to move that is the purpose and once your up you will feel up !
And also dont take more then one, I take one at 8:00 then 12:00 then 4:00 and thats it, unless I am going out then I take one at 8:00 but not to close to your bed time.
I know you said no diet pills, I said the same thing but if taken safetly and not over doing it will be fine I actually stopped for a few days and am still going. It is more habit then anything once you are moving then you will want to move.

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