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Re: Help with Atkins diet/what about chitoplex

Re: Help with Atkins diet/what about chitoplex

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Posted by Kay--Forgot something on October 16, 2000 at 19:42:08:

In Reply to: Re: Help with Atkins diet/what about chitoplex posted by Kay on October 16, 2000 at 19:34:35:

: : : :
: : : : I am a 53-year-old woman who first tried Atkins last November. Lost 12 pounds over several months and then plateaued - I 've since gained back 8 pounds and I'm starting over. I've been following the induction diet for about a week and a half - lost four pounds at first and then nothing for over a week. Not sure why - I believe Atkins can work for me, but not sure why it isn't. Can people share what's most effective for them.
: : : : I've been using a lot of cheese and sour cream, also turkey, chicken and beef and shrimp.
: : : : I have a small salad with cut-up turkey breast every day.
: : : : I do have trouble with water intake - I much prefer decaf coffee with some saccharine, but I'm trying to remedy that.
: : : : Also, I notice my staple turkey breast and turkey ham, although they do have 0 and 1 gram of carbohydrate respectively, have sugar and sodium phosphates listed in the ingredients. Is this a big deal?
: : : : I have a tendency to snack at night - on no or low carb stuff - does time of day for eating have any impact?
: : : : Finally, I received a flyer in the mail for a product called chitoplex - anyone comment on whether this or any of the other low-carb diet supplements work?
: : : : Any suggestions appreciated.

: : : : Judy

: : : Hi Judy--I am 50 and finally figured out how to get this diet to work, I have lost 35 pounds so far. I had to get off hormone replacements and I went to GNC and bought xenadrine. I tahe one at 10:00 in the morning and the snacking urge left. I cook my own chicken and turkey--store bought lunch meat didn't work for me. I eat ham sausages with vidalia onions --but so far that has not slowed the weight loss. I drink one gallon of water a day and also have to have my decaf. I have added an apple a day. My husband bought a bushel and I am making them last. You have to watch fruit--add it slowly. Good to talk to ya--hang in there. I walk my dog 6 times a day and walk to the post office when the weather permits. Oh and if you have to snack--go with diet jello with spray whipped cream with no carbs or sugar, pork rinds or cheese spread on pork rinds--not bad

: : Kay, thanks so much for your reply - it was very helpful. I stopped the hormones last year. I will check out the xenedrine, but am concerned about what's in it - most stuff with the edrine at the end are stimulants. Do you use any particular cheese spread with the pork rinds - I already use rinds. the ham sausages with vidalia onions sounds great. Any particular brand of sausage you recommend? It's obvious I have to up my water intake. Also, with the chicken and turkey, do you get skinless?? Thanks, Judy

: Judy I found cheese salad at theFood Lion that has 0 carbs and 0 sugar. Look at all the brands and check the lable. Sometimes I make my own--not too hard and I add pimento and real mayo. The meat--I cook my own or usually Bores Head is ok and Butterball turkey has no sugar added. Always ask the dellie clerk--they know what is in there. Also I usually cook my own to get away from nitrates and sodium. They slow me down and swell me up. The sausage is made by Gwaltney. If you don't have that brand look at the lables on any kind you can find. There are lots of things we can eat that I never thought of at first. Canned chunk chicken, corn beef, some vienna sausages, sourkraut, canned or fresh collards and kale with a big chunk of ham are ok. I eat chicken breast without skin--fried in olive oil or butter with peppers and onions cooked with it. That is real good for any meal. I also freeze drops of ready whip on a plate and them put them in zip lock bags. Taste good if you want ice cream. Hope this helps. Take care Kay.

I forgot about the xenadrine--yes there is a stimulant in this and if that is not your thing-- try Diet System 6--this will pick up the weight loss and has no stimulants. Most department stored like Wall Mart or drug stores have this $14.00 per 100 pills and take 2 one half hour before lunch and supper, and it is loaded with vitamines so you won't have to buy extras. Good Luck

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