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Diets that work and diets that don't work...

Diets that work and diets that don't work...

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Posted by Lisa on October 18, 2000 at 14:36:34:

I have tried SO many diets. I'm so tired of it. I am so lost that when I go to the grocery store, I just can't make a decision anymore. So I end up buying a mix of fresh vegetables (in the first aisle when I'm "trying again") and junk food (toward the last aisle and the check-out, when I just give up again).
I think I know that "low fat" is a crock -- it seems the food producers have taken out the fat and replaced it with corn syrup or some such.
Nutri-sweet is supposedly BAD now. Stevia is too expensive.

So here's what I've tried:
1989 Dr. Abravanel's Body Type Diet - T Type: lost 8 lbs. in three weeks. Very hard to manage the intervals between meals, but I did it.
1991 Jenny Craig: about 5 lbs. in six weeks. My counselor had me drinking 16 glasses of water a day, so I think that's the only reason I lost anything! Then I decided it wasn't worth the expense.
1992 Atkins' Diet revolution: I immediately felt so much energy and my blood work showed tremendous improvement. The first 11 pounds came off quickly and overall I lost 25 lbs. in 2 1/2 months (covering Thanksgiving AND Christmas! Wow.) But in January I hit a plateau and then started regaining. Maybe I couldn't adjust to the lifestyle changes required? Most of the weight stayed off for a long time, but I bounded between 145 and 155 for a couple of years...
1998 Cabbage Soup Diet: This was a great diet. I lost 11 pounds in two weeks. The weight came off "in all the right places" and stayed off after I finished the diet. But, geeez, the thought of doing it again to get rid of the last ten pounds was too much to contemplate--!
1998 21 Day Slim Down: I did this the full 21 days; I exercised, I watched my fat intake -- I actually gained weight on this one. But took it off again by going back to Atkins. But low carb has given me very SLOW results since I was on it that first time. And my energy doesn't elevate at all. So I have a hard time sticking to it more than a week or two at a time now.
1999 Adele Puhn's 5 Day Miracle Diet: this lasted about three days before I ate something I shouldn't have... I didn't lose anything, but I felt great.
2000 3 Day Diet: Hah! 0 pounds. And weird. Tried this one in college, too (it's the one that started me drinking coffee, black), but I didn't know it was the same diet until after I bought it here on the Internet.
2000 Eat for Your Type - Type O: I felt very healthy eating this way but because I'd been SO indoctrinated by the low carb mentality, I had a hard time justifying the consumption of rice and rye bread... I might try it again.
2000 Phytopharma: This is my current attempt. It's really bad. I feel bloated all the time and I've actually GAINED 4 lbs. in the two weeks I've tried it. Today's the LAST day.

I've been losing and regaining the same 5-20 pounds for years and nothing has gotten me even close to my goal weight. Which isn't outrageous. I think 130-135 pounds is reasonable for a 5'4 1/2" woman. I've made it as far as 145 (size 10 dress) on Atkins, but I just get stuck there. Over the summer I was dieting and walking a couple of hours every day (really, every day) and just maintained my weight.
So here I am. I'm stuck and lost and confused. Does ANYONE have any helpful suggestions?

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