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Re: I'm fat. I need to loose 15 lbs or less by December 18...any tips?

Re: I'm fat. I need to loose 15 lbs or less by December 18...any tips?

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Posted by Michelle on October 29, 2000 at 20:57:47:

In Reply to: I'm fat. I need to loose 15 lbs or less by December 18...any tips? posted by Paisley on October 28, 2000 at 14:16:44:

: If you have any tips on how to loose weight e-mail me.
: Thanx,
: Paisley

I'vetried Everything!!! What is finally working for me is this...I've completely given up All dairy products and sugar. I can honesty say that I have eaten to my heart's content while avoiding these two things, and the weight is falling off me. In just two weeks, I've lost 6 pounds. I've been drinking black coffee, no cheese, soy butter and mayo. It is easy once you start this way of will not miss is full of fat and non-essentail...there is more calcium in broccoli.

I've been reading a lot about milk and it's importance it's basically a big myth. We are the only aniamls that drink another animals milk...Cow's milk was only meant to make a 50 lb. calf into a 300 lb. cow. Also, our body's don't even recognize milk as a food...we can't break it down correctly. Read up on anit milk websites and see for your is a non-essential, fatty food for us, and we would all be better off with out it. I am certain that this way of eating will be the wave of the furute...we have all been brainwashed.

If you want to discover the benefits for yourself..just try avoiding all dairy for just two will discover what I has been putting pounds on me and I don't miss eating that garbarge...I can guarantee you will lose weight!!!!

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