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Re: What's finally working for me!!

Re: What's finally working for me!!

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Posted by I agree w/U liz, I was just.... on November 03, 2000 at 10:31:36:

In Reply to: Re: What's finally working for me!! posted by Liz on November 02, 2000 at 13:17:38:

: : : : : :
: : : : : : Just wanted to share with you what has really had some impact on my weight loss, without a lot of effort. At the advice of a friend, I've completely given up dairy products. I know that sounds like a lot, believe me I am a cheese lover be nature, but I decided to give it a try. Guess what? In 2 weeks, I have lost 6 pounds. I can honestly say I don't crave cheese or cream in my coffee anymore.

: : : : : : If it's the calcium you're worried about...there's more calcium in fact, if you read up on anti milk websites, you'll discover that we don't even need to drink or eat milk products...they're non-essential and fattening!!

: : : : : : All I can say is this....for two weeks do not have any dairy at all( try soy butter and mayo, you can't tell the difference), and I can guarantee you that you'll see a big difference, you'll discover what I have...dairy is what has been putting the weight on us, and you will wish you heard this messsage sooner!!

: : : : : I have lost 14 pounds, but I didn't give up dairy products, I just use low fat ones. I eat low fat cottage cheese and low fat yogurt. I use skim milk also. One does not have to completely give up dairy to lose weight. There is also fat free cheese available, however I really don't like the way it tastes so I did give up cheese all together.

: : : : : all i have to say is...i give you guys credit! what willpower! i think if i didn't have cheese in some form at least once a day..i'd go through withdrawals...yes...i love cheese that luck and congrats for finding something that works for you!

: : : As I can see, you both lowered your Calories intake by not eating dairy or buy using low fat
: : : products. I truly believe that we can eat the good food, but small portion. You see the low carbs
: : : diet is good because you eat less calorie. The only way to lose weight is to create a deficit
: : : of calorie for your body. Either you workout, diet, quit some food, but you got to lower the
: : : calories.
: : ---I've been lo carbing for a full year... a meal for me is different every day... whatever I'm in the mood for I eat... yesterday I had at a restaurant for b-fast.. 4 eggs, order of sausage and 2 orders of bacon... lunch was from mcdonalds... 1 double quarter pounder, and 4 double cheeseburgers no buns of course... supper was about 2lbs of fish swimming in butter and ketchup, and some beans, and whip cream for dessert always!!! is that lo calorie??? I have lost 70 lbs to date...

: Low carb/sugar diet definitely work as well, but they aren't for everyone. My mother lost a lot of weight on Atkins. However, I personally do not want to give up carbs/sugar all together, which is why I opted for a low fat diet with a limit of 1600 calories per day.
------I agree, I was not implying that it is... I know for a fact that it is not, I was just rebuting the fact that Atkin's is not lo cal... if U or anyone else thinks that all that food I had the other day is than I tend to disagree! but let me also say that usually the people who do well on Atkin's are the people who say they could NEVER give up carbs and sugar!! like me!! that's why it works well for them, they are addicted to carbs and sugar!! PLUS... U do NOT give those things up entirely for the rest of U'r life... U slowly introduce them back in!! thanx.

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