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Re: BerryTrim Plus

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Posted by Ray on November 03, 2000 at 14:19:11:

In Reply to: Re: BerryTrim Plus posted by hey ray on November 02, 2000 at 20:45:47:

: : : : : : : hi....
: : : : : : : how much weight did u lose?!?!?
: : : : : : : and abt the Atkins diet, can u tell me what u did and how soon the results showed??
: : : : : : : thanks
: : : : : : : i would really appreciate it
: : : : : : : :)
: : : : : : The Atkins book costs $6.00. The first two weeks is very strict about carbs and sugar. You will lose around 12 to 17 pounds. I have been on it since last Feb and have lost 147 pounds. It is a change of eating forever but the food is great and I feel so much better. Hope this helps and sorry if I intruded in your conversation with someone else. Have a great day! Ray

: : : : : by the way.....what Atkins book is it!!!?!?and is it available anywhere!??!
: : : : : :)
: : : : : thanks

: : : : The Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution is the name of the book and you can buy it on line, or at any book store. Another good book is Protein Power and a book written by Suzanne Sommers called Sommersize ( I think ) allowes a few more things like whole wheat bread and more carbs--but the weight loss is slower than Atkins diet. You check them out and decide which you can live with forever. They all will reduce your body and make you happier. Take care Ray

: : :
: : : thanks.....will go out and buy it tomorrow....hope it helps......does it have a diet plan included!?!?
: : : :)
: : : and thnaks again
: : Hope you enjoy reading this book--it will lead you by the hand every step of the way. I am always here so if you need help just post me a note and I will help you out. Consider the fact that you can be 15 to 20 pounds lighter by Christmas. Ole Santa won't recognize Ya! Have a great day--Ray PS--My clothes from last year could be used as tarps if they ever decide to paint any large houses around here. I wore size 52 waist and now I wear 38's. Big difference don't ya agree--You can do it too--it has helped anyone who sticks with it.

: hey.......hows it goin!?!!
: :)got the book today.....
: but its the health that any good!?!
: or should i get the diet revoulution?

If the diet is spelled out in the book and what you can and can't eat then that book will do just fine. I haven't seen the one you named but the man uses the same diet in all of the books he writes. The government went after him and got 100 people to test his diet for 3 months and guess what--it worked. All of the 100 people lost weight and doctors that worked for the Govt. checked them out and they were all healthier than they started! It is easy to follow and live with.Also do a search on Atkins Diet and you will find a terrific support board of nothing but Atkins Dieters and recipes to try. Some are really great and Free!

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