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Re: Safe and effective way to lose weight

Re: Safe and effective way to lose weight

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Posted by Natural Fat Loss Information on November 06, 2000 at 04:24:18:

In Reply to: Safe and effective way to lose weight posted by Lena on November 05, 2000 at 13:06:58:

: I am 20 year old female and weigh about 175 lbs. I am 5'6. Everyone tells me that I look fine the way I am but I am not happy with myself. I bought myself a treadmill and I used it for about 2 weeks, I know thats not enough time to see results. But I found the treadmill so boring that now its collecting dust. Not just that but I wasn't losing anything. I was thinking about trying the weightloss pills however there are so many kinds out there and there are so many of them that are not safe. I would be happy with losing just 20 pounds. Yeah I guess thats gonna take me a life time to lose but I would really like to have better self esteem about myself then what I do. I know that there are lots of people out there that have been able to do this successfully so why can't I? I try and stay away from all the "bad" foods but I still can't seem to lose weight. Is there anyone out there who has any suggestions as to what might help me lose some weight?
: Thanks in advance!

Hi there,
Weight loss is possible for people of all ages and sizes, all it takes is dedication and motivation. If you aren't motivated enough to use your treadmill then no wonder you aren't losing weight. Regular exercise if absolutely necessary, as is eating the right foods with the exercise. Let me just explain that fat loss pills generally do not work - they are one big con! If they worked then why don't we all take them? And 'fad' diets never ever work either. True, you lose weight in the short term, but as soon as you stop taking the special weight loss drink or pill and go back to your normal diet, the pounds will come pouring back on. That is the only gaurantee that the salespeople don't tell you about!

Do not eat less because your body needs food to live! Excess food is what puts on weight, that is why you should eat just the right amount. About 12 X body weight (pounds) = calories per day.
Eat about 5 times a day, at 3 hour intervals, but eat less per meal. Drink 1.5 litres of water a day, maintaining intake throughout the day. This will keep metabolism rate steady, meaning the body will be more efficient at burning energy and consequently burning fat.

My advice to you is to take this diet information and go to one of the many diet sites and come up with a diet to suit your lifestyle. Get a balance of carbs, protein, and fat and you will be fine.

However, remember that the diet will not work without exercise. You need to have regular workouts where your heart rate is elevated for 30-40 minutes. Exercises include jogging, step machine, cylcing or anything that you can manage for this period of time. Do a cardio workout like above 3 times a week and this will work wonders. If you can do swimming along with this then that is an added bonus, as swimming is an all round great exercise and is usually relaxing.

Remember that exercising a lower rate for longer is better at burning fat than exercising at a higher rate for shorter. Eg. if you want to lose fat then run for 35 minutes at 8 or 9 km/h rather than 15 minutes at 11 km/h. The latter will be only build muscle endurance, which is not the goal in this instance.

Remember, the above program should bot be done straight away if you are just starting out. Build up over a period of weeks otherwise you may not be able to keep it up.

When this sort of weight loss is done for 16 weeks or however long it takes to reach your aim then you can start working back to a normal diet - but always be sensible with what you eat or the fat will come back. Eg. don't eat more than 2 packets of crisps a week if you really have to - they're not necessary!

When you get into the routine and see the results, extra endorphins will be released from your brain and you will feel great about yourself. Take my word for it!

Good luck to you and everyone out there.


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