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Re: I did try the high protein diet

Re: I did try the high protein diet

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Posted by Alan S. on November 08, 2000 at 18:03:36:

In Reply to: I did try the high protein diet posted by Jenny on November 08, 2000 at 08:34:24:

: I ate lean steaks and skinless chicken for a few weeks and put on weight pretty fast. But the worst problem with the meat diet was that it caused a bad breath problem for me. It was something that wouldn't be cleared up with brushing my teeth or mouthwash, since the taste was also in my saliva. In fact the only thing that would get rid of the death-breath was eating more!! And then it would only clear up for an hour or two as my digestive juices started flowing and then slowed down again.

: I also noticed more energy on the vegetarian diet. I get up very early in the morning now and ocassionally stay up all hours instead of passing out till nearly noon, and also find that I can work all day.

: In short, I am pretty much a confirmed vegetarian for this and other reasons. Also, aren't vegetarians supposed to be pretty skinny people? Last I've heard.

From your description, it sounds like you had keto breath. All you had to do to get rid of that was increase your carb intake just slightly to get out of ketosis. Dr. Atkins book explains this. When you say vegetarians are supposed to be skinny, that is probably right, but it is because they are malnurished, they don't get enough quality protein, and their body cannibalizes it's muscle tissue in an attempt to survive. From all that I have read, vegetarians aren't all that healthy, especially if they stay with it for several years. Protein and fat are essential nutrients. Carbohydrates are not. There is more to good health than being skinny. Alan S.

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