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Re: Alan, Could u please answer a question?

Re: Alan, Could u please answer a question?

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Posted by Alan S. on November 15, 2000 at 20:41:31:

In Reply to: Alan, Could u please answer a question? posted by Yasmine on November 14, 2000 at 20:59:11:

: Hi Alan,
: I really admire your success with losing weight. I want to start the atkins diet, even thought i havent bought the book. I was wondering, other than salad and meats, what else can you have? I lose to eat rice for dinner. I can be good about the breads, and sweets, but i love rice. What are some good suggestions? Thanks.

I recommend that you get the book, "Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution", which really isn't that new (I have a copy of his earlier version of the book published in 1972). The book only costs about $6.00. Another good book is "Protein Power" by Dr. Eades which also costs about $6.00. You can eat all types of meat, eggs, hard cheese, and non-starchy vegetables (rice is definitely high in starch). I would recommend that you try to do without the rice, especailly during the initial 2 week induction period. I'm sure that you've done tougher things in your life than give up rice. The problem with the rice, and other grains and sugars, is that it quickly elevates your insulin, which ultimately drives your bloodsugar low (unless you are Type II diabetic) and causes more cravings for carbs. It's a vicious cycle and the only way that I have found to break it is to go cold turkey on the sugars and starches. I bet that you will feel and look much better if you do also. Note that the first couple of days can be tough on this diet as you transition from carbohydrate to fat as your fuel source. Carbohydrates are addictive and you may experience some symptoms of withdrawl at first. You should drink plenty of water and take a potassium supplement. The reason is that as the carbs stored in your muscle and liver (glycogen) get depleted, you will lose excess water weight (this happens in the first week or so) and it will flush out your potassium with it. A good multi-vitamin is also recommended as well as adequate fat intake since most vitamins are only fat soluble. Hope this helps some. Alan S.

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