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Posted by Sara on November 16, 2000 at 13:04:09:

In Reply to: Re: To Alan posted by Alan S. on November 15, 2000 at 20:24:55:

: : I understand that you are somewhat of an expert on the Atkins Diet. I have been weening myself off of my beloved Pepsi and have comitted myself to shedding the extra 60lbs I have gained in the last two years. (probably thanks to the soda, would go through up to 6-10 cans per day. Lots of sugar and calories!) HELP! What foods can I eat? (there are carbs hidden in everything!) could you give me an example menue for a given day? I am getting married in a month, and being so, I am starting a new life, and I'd like to start it off by committing myself to a healthier lifestyle and body. My husband to be is one of these annoying people who eats like a garbage disposal and gains nothing, so I am going strictly on will power here.
: : I truly thank you for any advice or help you could give me. Thank you so much in advance. PS- All the pop I was drinking I now substitute with water, been doing that about a month now.... It's a start, right?

: It is good to see that you are willing to give the Atkins diet a try. Have you read the book yet? If not, I highly recommend it since it only costs about $6.00. Another excellent book is "Protein Power" for about the same price. These books contain many food recommendations. As far as my diet, it consists of meat (beef of all types, chicken, turkey, pork, ham, sausage, bacon, fish, etc.), eggs (and plenty of them), hard cheese, non-starchy vegetables (salads, green beans, celery, cabbage, greens of all types, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.), and nuts to snack on. I typically cook with bacon fat, real butter, olive oil, or coconut oil. I drink lots of water and decaf tea and a light beer or two on the weekends. I try to avoid any foods that have been processed, or at least chose foods that have been minimally processed with the least number of ingredients. Processed foods are where you will typically find your hidden carbs and partially hydrogenated vegetable oils (best to avoid these due to cancer concerns). If you can just get through that first two weeks, your cravings for sweets and other carb laden foods will subside or go completely away. For me, I find that I do best when I avoid temptation, and since I live alone, I just never have anything in the house that I shouldn't be eating. Many times at work they will have cakes, doughnuts, etc., but I just pass them up because I now know how much damage they do and I have learned that "just one little taste" will start those sugar cravings again. I can't stop with just one little taste, so I have to avoid them completely. You have to think of carbs as being addictive, which I truely think they are. Alan S.

Thanks for the advice! I haven't read the book yet, mostly because when I have gone to Border's or the Barnes & Noble in my area, they've been out and a new order hasn't come in, so I put my name on a waiting list for it and so, I;m waiting. Another quick question. Is it ok to drink V8? I make a veggie beef soup that I use v8 as part of the base for broth. I know fruit juices are off limits, but I wasn't sure about Veggie juices, and being that tomatoes are now technically classified as a fruit, I wasn't sure about that either. Thanks for all of your help, I really appreciate it!

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