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Posted by Fran on December 06, 2000 at 17:01:21:

In Reply to: Re: PHYTOPHARMA posted by Cheryl on November 30, 2000 at 18:12:49:

I'm glad I read these messages before ordering this product. The number listed in this magazine is 1-888-424-4463
We Canadians have very strict Food and Drug regulations, and always receive a new drug years after the US. Fortunately, but also unfortunately, herbal remedies are not regulated, therefore, it can be like dealing with Dr. Quack.

: : : : : : : : : I also experienced the same thing. I tried it for two weeks with no results. I returned the product, and have not received my money back. I have a slightly different phone number for them, but have never reached anyone on this number: 1-877-816-4225 Can we contact the Better Business Bureau?

: : : : : : : : I saw the ad in an airline magazine. Here's another phone number: 1-877-408-9714.

: : : : : : : : I just called them yesterday! This is the # I called: 1-877-388-1123. I was just getting some info and didn't order. I also had to wait for about 5-6 minutes for an operator but, this number worked for me yesterday. Good luck!

: : : : : : A friend and I phoned in two orders about 4 weeks ago and have not yet received the product. My friend charged it to her credit card account. The number we had was 877-559-9429, a different number from any other I have seen. Should we attempt to stop the order or put a freeze on the credit card account? Has this product worked for anyone?!!!

: : : : : From Shirley:
: : : : : I can't believe how many phone numbers I've seen on this board.
: : : : : I ordered phytopharma about 6 weeks ago. It was on my charge card today (dated 10/4). Of course, I haven't received the product yet. I called the first number I found on this msg bd and she gave me another number for customer service. They had me on hold for 5 minutes before coming back and saying the customer service line was down and call back later.
: : : : : I'm disputing my charge now and will refuse the shipment if it arrives.
: : : : : I wish I had seen this board first before I ordered. Oh...and there was an 84.00 charge on my account for a department store discount program that I had to call and cancel also.

: : : : :The same thing happened to me. 84.00 to my check card. I didn't even authorize this. The number I got was 877-890-3301. E-mail me if you get any results.

: : : I ordered on September 26, the order showed up on my check card on October 13, and I have received no product. But I spoke with a sales rep on the product order line who was able to give me all the information I just gave you. She gave me a second phone number for customer service and said to leave a voicemail if no one answered. The mailbox was full. I called back, and another rep took my order number, name & phone number and FAXED a message to the customer service center. This second representative said that there had been a backup at the shipping department but that customers didn't seem to have been notified. I was really counting on this product and will wait another week. I don't know that business is in Canada. Could the Better Business Bureau have any effect there?

: :
: : I am glad I looked up this product before I ordered. If another phone number will help anyone this is the number that is listed on the advertisement that I received in the mail 1-877-408-9732.

: : Cindy

: Being skeptical from the start, I looked up Phytopharma on the Internet before ordering and found that it was just purchased by some major pharmacutical firm so I felt it was legitimate. Not only didn't my husband and I loose weight, we gained weight and sent the product back via return receipt requested prior to the 30 days. Weeks went by and no receipt. My post mistress called the post office in Inwood, NY, which is where I returned the product to. The post office there said that there were BINS and BINS of mail to be picked up. I did eventually get a receipt, but it was only initialed and it was not dated (not acceptable by USPS codes, according to my post mistress). Needless to say, I have done what eveyone else here has done and called all the various numbers. I also called directory assistance for phone numbers in Inwood, NY and Lynbrook, NY (the address on the letterhead in the package). No such business in either city. So, I guess we've all been scammed. I hope to find the time to pursue this further as things like this really irk me. Living in a small state like Vermont with Canada so close, I suspect someone will listen, if nothing else, to the situation. However, the big question I have is... has anyone else gained a significant amount of weight on this? Both my husband I gained and continue to gain and can't shed it. If it was just me, I would blame it on being a 48 year old female, however, my husband is experiencing the same. After getting back on the Internet and finding this site and all the similar comments, I'm really wondering what it is we were adding to our water.
: Cheryl

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