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These diet pills you talk about will not work for you in the long run

These diet pills you talk about will not work for you in the long run

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Posted by Michael on December 14, 2000 at 19:41:49:

There are so many of you out there talking about diet pills to help you lose weight...yes, they may help you lose weight at first but you will eventually gain it all back once you get off of them...the reason for this is because you have not fixed the problem..the ONLY way to lose weight AND keep it off is to exercise moderately and eat healthy..all you people out there looking for a quick fix might find something that will shed 10 pounds in a week..but it will only be water despite what the scale says you are virtually getting nowhere...and when you DO gain it back you will be fatter...I know how you feel...we all wish there was an easy way to lose all this weight...but guess what? There isn't an easy's not fair but hey that's life...if you truly want to lose weight and look your best just exercise when you can, and make it fun...I like to dance for my exercise..and as far as the eating goes, just try to make healthy choices...the thing that helped me with losing weight was to eliminate foods that caused cravings...when I stopped eating chips and cookies, my cravings started to decrease and I didn't eat as was so hard to quit eating them at first but after a week I didn't want have to tell yourself that it is just an addiction like anything else and that you CAN get away from CAN be in control of your body...but the best advice I can give you all is this "stop looking for quick fixes and start eating healthy" is the ONLY I know that the scales will probably move slowly but just be patient and before you know it you will be thin...stop trying to think of ways to shed pounds didn't gain all this weight overnight to don't expect to lose it overnight...also maybe you should look into weight watchers..I did it last summer and I did well..but I don't do the plan anymore..I've lost 50 pounds since January 1st just by eating healthy and can do the same thing..good luck to you all! :)

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