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Posted by Shelley on November 03, 2000 at 23:32:58:

In Reply to: Lack of sex drive (thanks to birth control pill?) may ruin relationship posted by Anne on October 25, 2000 at 17:37:32:

:Hi there,

I went to a hormone specialist a couple days ago and feel he has turned on a light bulb in my life
and has given me the answers to all of my health problems.

He told me most women naturally produce estrogen and progesterone(NOT NEW INFO!!)
but then he told me in pre-menapausal and onward our bodies may lack in progesterone,leaving
our bodies with high levels of unopposed by progesterone.

website tells of a doctor and his beliefs in" Estrogen Dominance"
his coined phrase for too much estrogen-lack of progesterone and the treatment for all pms problems,sexual desire or lack of etc

Read up on it and let me know what you think.
I have been talking none stop to my friends about this as it makes so much sense to me


I have been taking a brith control pill called Diane 35 for 2 months now. It is not FDA approved, so I had to order it from New Zealand. The reason it is not FDA approved is because the company that makes it does not want to pay the exorbitant costs the FDA charges for the approval process of a drug. But that's besides the point.

: Ever since I started taking it, my sex drive has seriously plummeted. My fiance is so wonderful about it - we even went a month without sex! But I miss it and I WANT to miss it even more. (Does that make sense?) I had this same problem with Ortho TriCyclene.

: I don't want to stop taking birth control pills because my fiance and I both really hate, the Diane 35 makes my skin really clear and smooth, and has made my hair much thicker, too.

: Any suggestions???

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